September 24, 2015
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A number of colleges and universities have turned to Hip Hop scholarship and practitioners of Hip Hop culture to contextualize traditional fields of study. The Sankofa Lecture Series is the only conference in the Colorado region that focuses on the use of art and culture to enhance educational practices. Activities include a diverse range of films and workshop topics that situate the pedagogy and influence of Hip Hop as a site of cultural literacy, identity formation, and tool for innovative and effective teaching.

The Department of Africana Studies at MSU Denver holds a long-standing tradition of inviting scholars, activists, artists, and community leaders to the Auraria campus to foster learning opportunities that complement subject-specific instruction.
Overall objectives of the Sankofa Lecture Series are:
  • To increase knowledge of how elements of Hip Hop culture have been used to communicate the perspective of marginalized communities on issues of race, identity, and (regional) space.
  • To critically examine the artistic conflict between affirming and harmful representations of Hip Hop culture, and how such issues impact identity formation and literacy.  
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